Scent Notes

Black Cherry
A fabulously strong and sweet scent of ripened black cherries.
A fruity black cherry accord.

Black Orchid

  • Ylang Ylang - Bergamot – Truffle
  • Orchid - Lotus Wood
  • Vanilla - Vetiver - Sandalwood - Dark Chocolate

This fragrance has a luxurious touch to it with a heart of orchid and lotus wood, blended with top notes of ylang-ylang, bergamot and truffle. The base notes of vanilla, sandalwood, vetiver & dark chocolate complete this fragrance.

Black Plum & Rhubarb
A vibrant, fruity aromatic scent, our Black Plum & Rhubarb Fragrance Oil is instant sweetness. Be transported to picking fruit on a bright summers' day - this juicy fragrance effortlessly balances sweet and tart scents. 

Black Pomegranate

  • Plum - Pomegranate – Rose
  • Patchouli - Cedarwood - Violet – Spices
  • Musk - Amber - Vanilla – Leather

Top notes of juicy plum, pomegranate and fresh roses perfectly compliment a heart of patchouli, cedarwood, violet leaf and spices, all coming to rest on a musky base of amber, vanilla and leather.

Black Rasberry & Peppercorn

  • Raspberry - Rose - Black Pepper - Pink Pepper 
  • Whiteflowers - Jasmine – Vetivert
  • Musk – Amber

Sophisticated fruity floral dominated by notes of fresh raspberries and cherries warmed with pink and black peppercorns and intertwined with a plethora of transparent floral underscored with creamy musks.

Cassis & Fig
Step into an enchanting garden soirée with the captivating Cassis & Fig Fragrance Oil. The juicy sweetness of the fragrance feels like an elegant perfume and sets the mood for a vibrant affair. While the woody and fresh notes perfectly mingle with each other, this beautifully balanced fragrance turns any space into a whimsical and romantic garden setting. 

Damson Plum, Rose & Patchouli
A feminine and uplifting scent, our Damson Plum, Rose, and Patchouli Fragrance Oil fits beautifully in any season. This decadent fragrance reminds us of warm, exotic nights at glamorous old Mediterranean villas. Marrying sweet fruity aromas with exotic spice and a hint of seductive musk.

Dark Honey & Tobacco
The perfect balance of smokey and sweet, our Dark Honey and Tobacco Fragrance Oil brings warmth to any room. This masculine fragrance gets you dreaming about someone Tall, Dark & Handsome and all their mystery. Relish in the woody and smoky aromas with a hint of warming spice. 

English Pear & Freesia
A fragrance with fresh top notes of bergamot, lemon, and pear. Soft notes of magnolia, orchid, rose and Muguet creates the soft heart, followed by a base of musk’s, dry amber and a touch of patchouli.

Fresh Linen
Our Fresh Linen fragrance oil is similar in identity to the popular fabric softener brand.

Himalayan Cedar & Jasmine
Sparkling citrus top notes lead into a heart of exotic jasmine blended with transparent, white florals, cushioned with smooth amber and finished with dry cedarwood, patchouli, vanilla and sheer musks.

Lavender Spa
Breathe in, breathe out. Breathe in, Breathe out. Once More... Breathe in, Breathe Out... feel the relaxation? That’s what our Lavender Spa Fragrance Oil feels like. Treat yourself to a day at the spa with this blend containing pure lavender essential oil. Being our favourite fragrance to sooth the soul and create an aura of peace. 

Lemongrass & Ginger
Embrace the tranquil beauty of an exotic eastern garden with our Lemongrass and Ginger fragrance oil. Both sensual and stimulating, this fragrance oil stands out with citrus aromas mixed with spiced herbs and a hint of fresh eucalyptus. 

Lime, Basil & Mandarin
Meet our Lime, Basil & Mandarin Fragrance Oil - a mouth-watering fragrance full juicy limes, zesty bergamot and ripe mandarins. Refreshing and light with a powerful hot throw.

Mandarin & Sandalwood

  • Chocolate, Orange, Bergamot & Mandarin
  • Amber, Lavender, Lily & Guaiacwood
  • Musk, Vanilla, Sandalwood, Moss & Caramel

Escape to the spa and find your inner peace with the calming Mandarin & Sandalwood Fragrance Oil. Zesty notes of mandarin harmonise with the soothing, woody essence of sandalwood while beautiful, sweet florals captivate your senses.


  • Bergamot - Apple - Blackcurrant - Berries – Pineapple
  • Jasmine - Rose - Birch - Patchouli - Black Pepper
  • Oakmoss - Ambergris - Musk – Vanilla

A masculine fragrance by nature that has that magic ability to sit just as well as a feminine fragrance. Fruity, juicy with a refined citrus note from the bergamot. This leads into a dark mysterious heart with rose and spiced patchouli, before leading you down a path of dappled amber sunshine with hints of crushed green mosses and warm woods underfoot.

Paradise Beach
Put the lime in the coconut and drink them both up. When we're in need of a tropical escape, we turn to our Paradise Beach Fragrance Oil - a cool and relaxing scent to reset the blues. From delicious sweet citrus to cool milky coconuts and even vanilla, this fragrance oil blends everything together in a calming breeze of delicious aromas. 

Peppermint & Eucalyptus
Sweet and strong peppermint mingles with freshly picked eucalyptus leaves. This super strong fragrance has a high essential oil content. Great for overcoming strong odours, such as kitchen cooking smells.

Pink Fizz & Pomela
Cheers to the weekend! Let the champagne showers flow with our fresh and fruity Pink Fizz and Pomelo Fragrance Oil. Perfectly capturing the exuberant excitement of luxurious champagne celebrations, our fragrance effortlessly blends the effervescence of champagne with the sweet and tart aromas of fruit followed by a heady heart of musk.

Sandalwood & Black Pepper
Make yourself comfortable and settle in an elegant vintage gentleman's study with Sandalwood & Black Pepper Fragrance Oil. This bold and complex scent seamlessly blends woody and spicy aromas that warm and soothe, making it a wonderful choice for winter.

Tuscan Leather

  • Bergamot - Ginger - Black Pepper - Pink Pepper
  • Gardenia - Ylang Ylang - Magnolia – Cedarwood
  • Sandalwood - Cashmeran - Tonka Bean – Amber

A true-to-life leather and oriental fragrance.

Velvet Peony & Oud
An enchanting Oriental scent, our Velvet Peony And Oud Fragrance Oil oozes seduction. Picture it now, it's sunset, you're sitting by the Arabian sea enjoying tea and sweets surrounded by the smell of sweet florals and smokey oud. 

Wild Bluebell
Bright and floral, our Bluebell Fragrance Oil is the perfect fragrance to welcome spring. Filled with florals from bluebells to sweet rose and jasmine, this fragrance embodies the rejuvenating spirit of the season. Cheerful, bright bluebells are said symbolise gratitude and everlasting love. Legend has it if you manage to turn one inside-out without breaking it, you'll win the heart of the one you love. While bluebell folklore may or may not work, fill your home with this floral fragrance instead and you'll definitely find yourself falling in love.